Buck O Wrote:
Dec 31, 2012 11:45 AM
More of allitard's family bliss: "When I left my family yesterday, after for a SECOND TIME no being allowed o [sic] hold my own nephew by my bully of a brother, I shared with him (again) my opinion that if he doesnt [sic] get rid of his guns in his home (with 2 little boys growing up there...you know boys), he is ENDANGERING THEIR LIVES. Its [sic] people like you who have filled his thick head wih this nonsense guns are necessary and a "right".' Yes, that bothersome Constitution again. "I also told him abou Michael moore's theory about why white men love guns so much.....he didnt [sic] like hearing that. But too bad." Because he's clearly a lot smarter than you. Ha! Ha! I'll bet your family Christmas was a hoot.