Shavager. Wrote:
Dec 30, 2012 3:19 PM
hsiesh--YOU ARE ON THE RAT PLANTATION run by DemocRAT party---YOU HAVE VOTED TO ENSLAVE YOURSELF, FAMILY AND FUTURE GENERATIONS TO GOVERNMENT SLAVERY! $6 TRILLION in National Debt by OWEbama is MORE THAN ALL PREVIOUS presidents spent in 233 years of government. YOU will cry alligator tears over churches receiving any money from federal government--OWEbama BORROWED $770 MILLION to give to MUSLIM COUNTRIES FOR MOSQUES AND COMPUTERS!! Where is YOUR outrage? He just handed YOU a $1 TRILLION TAX HIKE FOR OWEbamacare--HE LIED--claiming a $900 million cost--U.S. CBO office says is will cost $2.6 TRILLION--3 TIMES MORE THAN WHAT HE CLAIMED. He is GUN RUNNING TO MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD IN BENGHAZI, JUST AS HE DID TO MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL.