Shavager. Wrote:
Dec 30, 2012 3:04 PM
Archie--MOST REAL AMERICANS DID VOTE AGAINST OWEbama--Ohio had precincts with 100% OWEbama votes on touch screen machines that DEFAULTED to OWEbama votes no matter who the voters selected--same problem in Nevada, Maryland, Virginia and NCarolina. NC had 583 DemocRATS AGE 112 that voted--there aren't that many people in the WORLD AGE 112-much less in Dem party or in NC. Port St. Lucie county, Fla was like MANY OTHER PRECINCTS around the country--MORE VOTES THAN LEGAL VOTERS! GOP can't file lawsuits to investigate VOTE FRAUD DUE TO COURT RULING FROM 1982---FACE IT--OWEbama WON BY MASSIVE VOTE FRAUD!! And the Republicans are PROHIBITED by standing Court ruling prohibiting legal challenges.