Half-Smart Wrote:
Dec 30, 2012 8:15 AM
For Conservatives Only – ALL The Liberal Masquerades Unmasked… at once… I am not, but most Conservatives are baffled by Liberalism because they expect or assume that Liberals (AKA: Progressives, Socialists, & Communists) are being honest, loving, & candid. They're not. They're simply always dishonest. And most of them have been that way for so long that they don't realize the depths to which they've sunk. Liberals, though truly sincere in their dishonest ways, are neither candid nor honest, and that is neither with themselves nor others! Liberals have come to realize that they cannot win a logical argument with lies (because facts & logic don't lie, they're truth) so Liberals will always refuse any attempt at logic and will immediately a