Alice145 Wrote:
Dec 30, 2012 5:35 AM
It has come down to impeach Obama or give up your freedom, money, morals and way of life we Americans thought were safe but waking up to reality and Mr O's fantasy of power and control are looming as a repetitve nightmare. Mr O's 'dreams of his father" is as bogus as all his facade of being the best president in the political history of the USA. His imitattion of an American is as phoney as his past. Lies every time he opens his mouth. His ears are growing like Pinochios nose and his phoney ear-to-ear smiles are another a role in his acting career. We the PEOPLE cannot wait another 4 years to remove him from the treasonous agenda he insults us with. Some people who do not fit in the massive groupy Obama followers since day one. Act now.