christiancon Wrote:
Dec 29, 2012 8:48 PM
I have to make a statement regarding this site. I do it because I have had two interactions on TH in the last 4 weeks that leave me decidely uncomfortble with certain individuals on this site. I know we have the crazies (Sybil and other trolls ) and they are a nuisance to say the least. But I have noticed another type which is even more disconcerting and that is the TH police- the one's who seem to feel they can dictate the type of comments made. Thats a problem for me and I am certainly sick of dealing with them. They seem to think they have the great duty to police the direction a converstaion takes- and that's BS. Thats the type of cra p that makes these sites unsafe and just stupid. The Sybils of the world always are going to exist and