RichardSays Wrote:
Dec 29, 2012 2:50 PM
Tired of big brother yanking your chain America? Isn't it time to elect actual 'representative govt'? Oh, wait a minute, I almost forgot -- if this is the way govt is suppossed to operate, I don't think we even need a govt do we? I'm awfully sick of these clowns in Washington that are supposed to be for 'we the people', aren't you? They're nothing but liars, manipulators, corrupted to the core, and to put the cherry on top, we have an illegal president running the whole show! Time to get on board with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and let him know that he needs to follow-up with filing criminal charges against that POS we call our president. I didn't vote for that POS, and if you did, you're a fuc*ing moron!!!!