Gazinya Wrote:
Dec 29, 2012 10:56 AM
The unions are the Democrat base. 'At least they are the base of the 'liberal wing' of the Party.' Whoa there Tonto. There is no other 'wing' in the Democrat Party. There is THE Democrat Party not a 'Blue Dog Wing' or a 'Centerist Wing' or a 'Moderate Wing' or a, tearing my hair out, 'Conservative Wing' of the Democrat Party. All Democrats are 'Liberal' or they wouldn't be allowed to call themselves Democrat. Like the 'Moderate Muslim Wing' of Islam it does not exist. If you were correct then there would be ONE Democrat in SOME part of the world that would say, 'Enough of this.' But there are not nor will there ever be. The Tea Party is not Republican but a conferacy of Constitutionalists. No Dem can say that.