LAURIE7 Wrote:
Dec 29, 2012 12:03 AM
WHY DO WE ALLOW MEXICO TO MEDDLE INTO OUR INTERNAL AFFAIRS ALL THE TIME. MEXICO IS TO BLAME FOR PRACTICALLY THIS WHOLE ATROCITY THAT IS BESIEGING OUR NATION: MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS INVADING OUR NATION (I HAVE READ 80% OF THEM MEXICAN). The Mexican Constitution states that no Mexican has a right to leave the country without their permission. Mexico not only does not enforce its own laws but actually "aides & abets" their people to leave and sneak here (even setting up a Group that helps them cross) so they can send $ back to Mexico and help deplete the U.S. Tons of these illegal aliens (they are not "immigrants" in any way, shape or form" - immigrants = people who come legally!) steal our jobs, Welfare, Food Stamps, etc., etc.