rmerckx Wrote:
Dec 28, 2012 6:51 PM
Why is everyone who voted for Obummer having a tizzy knowing the cliff is his way of another immature temper tamtrum! Why should he care about you he just went on a $2.5 million Hawiian holiday trip with 700 in staff on your money but hey you get a free phone right? I guess $7.00 a gallon on milk is oh whatever? You will all get what you voted for Satan, Lucifer in his beginning form. He is sending arms to Syria, not one person is doing anything to cover the Benghazi murders he knew of, maybe if it was your sons death your heart might be different. Murder is murder! Plus we have no clue he is because his $2.5 Million "Sealed" records won't let us know who he is? You voted for him so that we can live in YOUR HELL!