jafo2me Wrote:
Dec 28, 2012 12:10 PM
DO NOT make this a debate about style of guns, types of guns or ammo clips, “IT IS NOT” about that and you “ALL” know it!!! STOP being “STUPID!!!!!” This is a "Standing" Senator of the US who is calling for the dissolution of the 2nd Amendment!! This is “SEDITION!!!! THIS IS TREASON!!! You need to use those words to call this “TRAITOR” FIENSTEIN what she is!!! Feinstein is “MOVING” against the Constitution of the United States to eliminate parts she does not like!!! That constitutes an act of “TREASON” against the Constitutional Government which she took an oath to defend!!!! Proposing a Bill in Congress “DOES NOT” absolve her of the responsibility for her words and now her actions for what she is attempting to do!!!