Moose Hunter Wrote:
Dec 28, 2012 2:51 AM
We might also point out that for a considerable period of time police departments across the country were OUTGUNNED by criiminals. Anyone remember the 1997 shootout in North Hollywood? 2 bad guys in body armor and tactical vests, faces covered with balaclavas, armed with THREE Norinco Type 56 rifles, a Bushy Dissipator (all modified for AUTOMATIC fire), a semi-auto HK91, and a Beretta 9mm handgun robbed a bank and then standing fully exposed on the sidewalk, held off a swarm of police for over an hour. Ten police officers were wounded, one critically, and eventually both perps were killed. The police responding to this were armed with 9mm semi-auto handguns, .38 Spec revolvers and some shotguns. Only SWAT in those days had AR15s