FinalRac Wrote:
Dec 27, 2012 3:00 PM
You are asking for a two party nation. Not a Dem lite Pub party. I believe that many many Americans, Indies, Reagan Dems, Evangelicals, TEAS, would also agree. We do not need a Pub Party that keeps nominating DC elitists like Ford, Dole, McCain, even Mitt. Those who want to always reach across the aisle while in fact , the DNC, the Dem Congress is NOT the party of JFK or Truman. They are radical progressive anti-capitalists. DC Pubs still think this is the old days of wine and brie and compromise where Dems win but the nation at least is not a socialist state...the 60-70-80-90 era were nice clubby times. This is not that time. This is a era where Bama and the Dems are all radical socialists who want to transform America .