Dick 2330 Wrote:
Dec 27, 2012 10:46 AM
Well said. BUT. the masses, have been dumbed down, by our liberal schools, and are IGNORANT, of the bill of rights, and the constitution. They think we live in a democracy, not a republic, ect. We patriots, are in a minority, but as during the revolutinary war, we few patriots ,will HAVE to revolt, eventually! "Fast anf Furious " and" Benghazi", proves this administration ,IS, arming our enemies. These weapons HAVE killed, innocent Americans. Their goal is to take OUR guns! Period. Remember when Holder and Hillary Clinton, told the lies, over and over, that 90% of the killings in America, came from OUR gun shops, WHEN, this administration , sold them to our enemies! God help us! Semper fi