George1001 Wrote:
Dec 26, 2012 2:42 PM
Well, its like this, the louder the noise politicians make the less they actually do. What is forgotten in all of this is that the Crime of Murder has been against the laws of man since we organized ourselves. Even the Ten Commandments mentions this. Its not the gun or what ever catch phase of the day is, 40 years ago it was "Saturday Night Specials" what ever the heck those were. Now its Assault Rifles and Semi Autos. Well there is a real definition of Assault Rifle is and what it is not. The Most popular rifle in America these days is the AR-15 the civil version of the Nations Service Rifle the M-16. So when its all said and done, its all on that germ. After all he did murder his mother first, people seem to forget that little fact.