Biggbear51 Wrote:
Dec 26, 2012 2:05 PM
In the final year of his reign, Joseph Stalin resended his vary own gun ban in whole. Shortly after that the crime rates in Russia fell sharply to a Country low of 34%. That was down from over 88%. Stalin then called President Eisenhower to ask him NOT to consider a weapon ban as the American Communists were suggesting. That was in 1953. Since then Commies in this country have had kind of free reign, especially now that a commie Islamist extremist was placed in the oval office. So instead of banning, arm every able bodied, responsible person with a hand gun or assault rifle and watch our crime rate plumet to nearly NON-EXISTENT levels. Rut gun and rifle training back into schools. FORCE THE LEADERS TO FOLLOW THE CONSITITUTION!