Robert170 Wrote:
Dec 26, 2012 9:43 AM
Considering that Conn has the 4th most strict gun laws in the Nation. The shooter broke 14 of them before he even killed one kid. Too bad, he killed his mom before that. So my insane Liberal friends, WHAT NEW gun law will stop this from happening? It just proves, once again, if someone wants to do mayhem, LAWS will not stop them. And banning ALL firearms? There are 90 MILLION households with guns, and close to 150 MILLION guns in America. You think a BAN will stop CRIMINALS from having guns. Newsflash for you. The gun black market will thrive, law abiding citizens will die. Simple as that. That's why I call Liberals INSANE. To think you can ban all guns in America is NOT reality. What else do those little voices in your heads tell you?