AmericanLiberal Wrote:
Dec 26, 2012 8:14 AM
Cal29:***In previous elections it has been said: "It's all about the ECONOMY, stupid !"............. and Now I say "It's all about DEMOCRATIC SPENDING, stupid !"*** Exactly. It is not "spending" per se that you clowns mind. It is the spending priorities of Democrats. And so, being the dishonest and disingenuous half-pints you are, you act as though it is all about the deficit, to give your argument a sheen of principled legitimacy. But that is just plain bunk. It is just part of the lie, the filthy bamboozlement, that contemporary American conservatism has become. It almost goes without saying that you losers treat everyone else like bums, but these lies you tell yourself also reflect a real lack of self respect.