Richard976 Wrote:
Dec 25, 2012 1:53 PM
Pay close attention to this. I am a disabled veteran and receive VA benefits. Obamacare kicked in on me when it originally passed. My meds and treatments are no longer dictated to me by my Doctor. The government tells my Doctor what he or she must prescribe, even if different than what I was originally getting. I waited for 4 months to get cataract surgery and 6 months to get a epidural pain shot. I was bed ridden, couldn't even stand and in constant pain. I went to ER and was told I needed to wait my turn. Fortunately, I kept my private insurance as well. Obamacare has yet to apply there so I called my private pain clinic Doctor and got my pain shot the next morning. In fact, I got 2 shots before my VA pain appointment.