Born in the USA! Wrote:
Dec 24, 2012 3:12 PM
Except that isn't a fact. Onl 3% of small businesses make above 250k. Also, the tax increase would only apply to income above 250K. In other words, if I make 300K, the tax increase would only apply to the last 50K. That is only an extra 2300 dollars. Oh, how devastating! How on Earth could someone who makes $300,000 afford 7/10j of one percent of their income! Unimaginable! No, the truth is you are a far right fool you has been suckered by Corporate interests who want more money and are completely out of touch with America and fool you by playing on your racism and xenophobia. They and the GOP elites don't give a damn about your fear of non-wasp culture. Fortunately, d@mn fools like you are dying off and burning in hell!!