bendar Wrote:
Dec 24, 2012 9:23 AM
Stop giving $300 billion per year to illegal aliens ! If we have an over $16-trillion-National debt and $100-trillion-actual-debt in unfunded liabilities, then why are we giving any of our tax-$'s to freeloading illegal-aliens over a certain reasonable set amount per-yr ? The all important Ind and women voters will most likely be looking more closely again at the mostly pro-USC-law-abiding Tea Party, as they need a more viable alternative ! So TP-Cons don't miss the chance-opportunity to show the electorate that we got their rebuking message, Nov-2012, the lack of their votes, resulting in the devastating punishment of 4-more-yrs of the cursed Covert fake-phony-fraud anti-American Obamination, that we're making the proper changes !