Gazinya Wrote:
Dec 23, 2012 1:51 PM
Pardon this less than seasonal jaunt into: my opinion. Still wondering why 'the Speaker' chose to have 'secret talks' with The Obama, instead of letting the full House debate, in openness, I pictured, though not so visually but intuitively, what Mr. Boehner was doing while Pelosi was duing her thing while during her thing as Speaker. I see Mr. Boehner sitting in his quiet cell abusing himself with his own pornographic thoughts of 'aathooorrrateee'. Eric Cartmen style. This guy is also an amagamation, like The Obama. He can not see himself being just another player. He must and I mean MUST have the 'gavel of Aathooorrateee'. It must be HIM that is in consultation with THE OBAMA and he alone. Sad really. He is too weak to be Speaker.