Cliff151 Wrote:
Dec 23, 2012 12:59 PM
I''ll agree that Fox News tries is damnedest. But even those folks can fall short, like in discussing Ron Paul's platform (not rather he is "electable'). You use the term "both sides of a story". I'm reminded of a talk show host on radio I listened to in the early 1980s, who refereed to this as "the either-or mentality". Even Commander Spock in the second Star Trek movie referred to Kahn's "two-dimensional thinking" (OK, I admit I'm a Trekker!). The truth is there are multiple "sides" to any issue and these "sides" can and will manipulate the story as it suits them. Folks like us have learned this of course, and will take the time to sift through the haystack to find the needles of truth.