rhough Wrote:
Dec 22, 2012 10:56 PM
You certainly like to rant on and on about Republicans, and that's okay. There is much we can like or dislike about each other, but the truth is that godly/biblical principles are enduring, lasting longer than you, I or even a country. So we can be in agreement that Repubs and Dems both have policies that denigrate how we live and treat each other (unfairness is a good word to use for all). But I would have to say that it is the Dems who give voice and approval to reprobation, depravity and ungodliness in their planks of perversion in their party platform (never mind booing any sort of insertion of acknowledgement of God in convention). It is the Dems who assert others 'soecial rights' over and against others rather than equitably distrinnj