smadison367 Wrote:
Dec 22, 2012 2:10 PM
The Israeli lobby has been running the GOP too darn long. And they lose.. ROMNEY RYAN CAMPAIGN...DONE BY THE AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE...DAN SENIOR..ARTIE FLIESHER...old neo cons we grew sick of seeing in the parastic Bush Wars... Example..Mitt Romney came to Florida. We went. he came out..flanked by an entourage..with the Asst. Gov, an attractive immigrant from Trinidad. He seemed nice. NO questions allowed. A prepared speech..his five points given to him by the AEI..boring. Stupid. How was he going to create all of those jobs. Values that changed according to audience. Campaign..horrible. looted. incometant. corrupt. someone should go to jail for all of the millions not accounted for..The losing campaing guy.....paid himself 67 millio