bcollins944 Wrote:
Dec 22, 2012 9:52 AM
I'll put it this way the boys mother knew that her boy was trouable and told every one that knew her and they all knew to witch him at all times. You and Iknow that his mom couldn't belive her boy was realy dangerios and she could control him. And that morring caught him taken the guns and thried to stop him. And the boy already had his sick mind made up and truned on his mother and killed her. She proably caught taken just one gun and ammo and after he killed her he just took all the gun's. You can ask any cop or any one in lawenforcement and they all will tell you that when someone that set there mind to do this kind of thing you had better ready to take them out. Because 9 out 10 times he would of been stoped his mother wasn't perpared