U.S. Vet Wrote:
Dec 22, 2012 2:14 AM
It is without a Doubt looking at those Dumbsh*t Liberals & Democrats not worth taking time or energy on an Issue that points to one thing. Automatic Weapons,Pistols,Shot Guns,Knifes, Ect, by themselves have never harmed anyone,they don't play Violent video Games,Listen to disgusting Rap/Metal/grunge,Music,they don't have bad attitudes or get Mad because they don't get what they want,When I went to high School in the early 70's half of the Vehicles were trucks that had Gun Racks with either a Rifle or a Shot Gun or Both,and yet know one after a fight, or Mad at School or a Teacher ever went out and used the Weapons so readily available, (Why) Guns are not the Problem, We are.