The Original King Wrote:
Dec 21, 2012 11:40 AM
Ag...I'm not sure about the left vs right in terms of dissing the moderate middle, but, when it comes down to the GOP vs The Dem party dissing the moderate middle there is NO comparison. Recall how, in the recent primary, Gingrich spent millions on ads calling Romney a "MODERATE from Mass." I can guarantee you that, in the 08 Dem primary, neither B.O nor Hillary would have even THOUGHT to try to "insult" the other by calling them a moderate..hell, the average Dem primary voter would probably have PREFERRED a moderate candidate. Also, there is NO equivilant at all of the Tea party within the Dem party , ie a faction that would do its best to torpedo the career of a long term Dem pol if, god forbid, he/she had the nerve to work with the GOP