michigander4 Wrote:
Dec 21, 2012 9:13 AM
Far be it for me to figure out what makes the Adam Lanzas of the world tick. However, clues might be found by figuring out why 99+ percent of our young men manage to get through their formative years without slaughtering a bunch of innocent people along the way. The fact is that nearly 100% of American men, even those from an economically disadvantaged background, go through life without being a murderer, much less a mass murderer. Poverty, it seems, has no causal affect. In fact most of the perpetrators come from the middle, upper-middle or neo-rich class. Maybe it’s just plain old permissiveness. Were any of these guys ever told to clean their rooms….. to take out the garbage…. to mow the lawn? Put simply, were they ever told, “NO.”