Jim4440 Wrote:
Dec 20, 2012 9:36 AM
Great article, John. As always, you've again, hit the nail on the head. I've found over the years, there are two motivating forces of people: POWER AND MONEY. The monkey boy seems to want both, all in one fell swoop. Gun Control, or as they sometimes call it, assault weapons ban will soon be tied to increases in spending to buy more votes, and of course, higher taxes on EVERYBODY. Along with the bans comes more money, and thus he achieves his goal, POWER AND MONEY, and thus more control. I still say, the guy is a Trojan Horse, and has no business here in our country in the first place. The Second Amendment has special meaning to never allow this aforementioned to occur, NEVER GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS CONTAINED IN THE SECOND AMENDMENT!