Usurped Wrote:
Dec 19, 2012 7:43 PM
There is No bigger, brazen, bilge-filled hypocrite than a Leftist on a mission...Whether it be Edward Kennedy (do I need to remind you of his 40 yrs. of debauchery), Charlie Rangle (Serial Tax Cheat) Leftist in the Bag (LIB) media..whether it's whoppie ugly snout goldberg: It wasn't rape rape, or the myriad of Leftists making excuses for the animal, Tukie Williams, or Governor McGreevie, or Barney Frank, OR Christopher Dodd, or Alcee Hastings, or the Soviet Union or the monstrous arab/muslim world against peace loving Jews. Or Nancy Pelosi's husbands "Dole" carve out from the minimum wage in American Samoa. Oh, speaking of that, where is that craven, race-baiting Narcissist Obama?