Dec 19, 2012 11:26 AM
VERY SIMPLE! REMEMBER, .223 AR-16 style semi-autos are the highest selling new firearm in the nation. Since the Regime was elected in 11/2008, 65,000,000 NICS (criminal background checks) for firearm purchase have been conducted. 2/3 of ALL new firearms purchases are .>22 cal semi-autos (handgun/longarms). Obama's "edict" to register all multi-sale rifles in CA/AZ/NM/TX was semi-autos >.22 cal. Fast & Furious WAS designed to provide Obama with his" 'REICHSTAG Moment" for his NEXT Executive Order. Now it will be on the head of dead children. If the Republicans in Congress allow this, the 2nd Amendment is DEAD and we are "subjects of the state! We shall see!