Jeannette24 Wrote:
Dec 18, 2012 5:38 PM
People like Lizzie Borden(1890's--even thouigh acquitted and no one was charged with her parent's murder), Hitler (1930's-40's), Charles Manson (1960's) & Ted Bundy (1970's) were considered violent, cold-blooded psychotic, freak of nature, killers. Why are SO many people gunning down masses of people who were minding their own business with such prevalence in this last 10-12 years? It is entirely too common now. There has to be a cultural, moral and spiritual disconnection born out of the last 30 years of 'progress' in parenting, politics, entertainment. There is a conflict between logic and common sense sometimes, and when you are talking about the vast gray area called "humanity", logic does NOT apply, whereas common sense does.