Kirt2 Wrote:
Dec 18, 2012 2:46 PM
The slimestream media will never let this story out, so WE have to forward this to all our email groups. ALSO, the Clackamas Mall shooter in Portland Oregon was SHOT DEAD by a CCW holding CITIZEN. Of course, that doesn't jive with the narrative the commie news networks are propagandizing. So in a matter of less than a couple weeks, we have 3 potential mass shootings. One, several people killed before an ARMED CITIZEN intervened and stopped the carnage. Another, an ARMED CITIZEN intervened and shot the would-be mass killer DEAD on the spot. NO CITIZENS DEAD. The third, which took place in a GUN FREE ZONE, ended with 28 deaths, 26 of them innocent children. Would to God that the Principle had had access to a handgun.