Larry52 Wrote:
Dec 17, 2012 11:25 PM
As a 23 year supervisor I was asked to re-write the state test for a single position, that I wanted to fill. Come test day, I asked if I could be present for the test ? The room was filled with over 300 hopefuls, for the test of several positions. A test was called and 5 or 10 people got up and walked away. This went on for a time with small groups moving out of the room. The test for the position I wanted to fill was called and 225 people got up, to test for that one spot. I had worked my way up in my position till the private sector could not afford me, thanks to the way the Gov't works and pays. Happy with job? Yes, but I had management under control, because they couldn't do my job. They needed me, to get the job done.