ColonialBoy Wrote:
Dec 17, 2012 3:52 PM
HBB, the US already has a loong history of doing that! Immediately after the Americans won their independence, the "Loyalists" were all put on boats to Canada and the UK, and their land awarded to the rebel leaders - that's how my family got one of its farms. My ancestor was an officer in the Continental Army and a member of the House of Burgesses, not a farmer. Ditto for Texas - after it joined the US, all of the Loyal Mexicanos were expelled. The Amerinds of the Iroquoi's five nations no longer live in their tribal homelands any more either. Elsewhere, after WW2, the Germans were evicted from East Prussia by the Poles, the Muslims were evicted from India, and the Hindu from Pakistan. The eviction of the unwanted is nothing new.