JonInTexas Wrote:
Dec 17, 2012 2:40 PM
That's funny cuz I know lots of Texas Liberals and none of them depend on government for their well-being. Mitt Romney lost! Get over it. The 47% number is a lie. My brother is a teacher making about $50,000 a year with a wife and three kids. He doesn't pay Federal Income taxes!!! He only pays PAYROLL taxes! And y'all know what's funniest? The gov takes those payroll taxes and gives them to senior citizens on Social Security and Medicare... and those senior citizens don't pay Federal Income Taxes!!! So the "47%" generates the same money that the other members of the "47%" take... The craziest part is that's TRUE! And probably 95% of the people who complain about the 47% are IN THE 47%!!!!!