Emslykarl Wrote:
Dec 16, 2012 11:46 AM
Your comment displays an amazing lack of understanding about God AND man ! A god who would control and restrict the actions of man , would have to be a Dictator and Tyrant ! God WILL put and end to evil at " the time appointed " ! What has been playing out in history for 6000 years is the consequences of sin ; yes SIN ! Your argument merely acknowledges the need for a Redeemer of men ; you included ! God's plan is restoration , nor improvement . Restoration to what Earth was " in th beginning ": God , man , and the rest of the created order in perfect harmony ! Enter sin ! It must be eradicated , but it can neither be prevented not eradicated by guns , authoritarianism , Liberalism , or any other ism ! Only God who made us can change us !