Floridastorm Wrote:
Dec 16, 2012 9:56 AM
Hey, dimwit Malllover, who was it that ordered almost a million troops to Vietnam with 55,000 killed and over 300,000 wounded, many seriously? Oh, that's right, a Democrat president. Who was it that ordered 300,000 troops to Korea with 40,000 killed and 96,000 wounded, many seriously? Oh, that's right again. a Democrat president. Who has continued the war in Afghanistan, for the past 4 years, with consistent American casualties and thousands wounded? A Democrat president. Who is now sending up to 20,000 troops back into Iraq and a contingent of troops to Turkey? A Democrat president. I did not agree with Bush sending any military initially into Iraq. That was a mistake. But, for you to arbitrarily blame only Bush shows how biased you are.