lgrlffin Wrote:
Dec 15, 2012 4:36 AM
When the Population of a city is 98,000 and they get 106,000 votes how is that NOT voter fraud? When DEAD People and CARTOONs VOTE there is a serious problem.... Illegal Immigrants CAN NOT vote but DID in droves in the last 2 presidential elections. Why do the Dems STOP Voter ID? It STOPS Voter FRAUD.... Who's fighting Voter ID? Democrats!! Who wants to Fundamentally Transform America? Democrats. When this country is GONE and our freedoms are GONE maybe THEN those that don't care will CARE!! We have a Traitor holding the Highest office if he can do it ANYONE can if you don’t think that it’s bad for the COUNTRY you get what you deserve. Frankly I look to see a THE REAL Obama After Jan 20!