gasserjerry Wrote:
Dec 14, 2012 10:25 AM
no!! you are so wrong.God will fight for the little nation of Israel,with the giant heart.He also will incinerate all of those who try and harm Israel.that includes all on this blog who hate the Jews.hope you like're going to get plenty of it and well go ahead Jew haters,fight and spit and slap yourselves silly in hate.but in the end God and the Jews WIN.get over it.oh go hide and watch.!!GOD who lives in fire and we, His creation were made from mud.i think i will stay with the real power.those who refuse the gift of salvation will forever scream in agony in the fires of Hell.repent and join the right(only) side.then you can live in Christ.but i know some who read this will stay stiff necked and full of hate.i pity you