Ddubya32 Wrote:
Dec 14, 2012 9:58 AM
continued: The doctors who gripe and complain like whinny babies are the ones who HATE the fact that EMR and CPOE (computer provider order entry) forces them to do their own work. With CPOE the MD is forced to sit down at the computer and actually place there own orders. No more illegible hand writing to be be misinterpreted by a clerk and potentially lead to harm being done to the patient. No more MR big shot who doesn't "have time" to actuall write his own order, just yelling out to the nurse " order this ore order that" , and then jumping on the elevator, which can plainly lead to miscommunication and pt harm. CPOE forces the MD to OWN HIS/HER OWN WORK. They place the orders with their own hands thereby eliminating the middle man.