Bick4 Wrote:
Dec 13, 2012 8:53 PM
Hey, idiot liame. If you look at the facts, Bush inherited a recession from Clinton and the country suffered 9/11, but his tax cuts created one of the biggest expansions in our history and had unemployment under 5% for half a decade. Things fell apart when the Dems took over congress in 2007 and the sub-prime mess, which was about 99% the fault of Barney F. & Chris D. & the Carter/Clinton Community Reinvestment Act & other Dems, finally came home to roost. The Dems have owned the economy since 2007, not just since Obama took over in 2009. We had budget surpluses in the late Clinton years in spite of and not because of Clinton. He was such a bust in his first two years that Republicans gained control of congress for the first time in