Judy721 Wrote:
Dec 13, 2012 4:41 PM
In my case the equipment de-appreciation is zero on all equipment, paid for & now considered antiques, i will have to pay someone to remove it & junk it, all debts are paid, no lease or rent, working from garage, no overhead, no one owes me nor do I owe anyone, I am the only unpaid employee these last 4 yrs.. My s corporation expires in May 2013..fictitious name expires 12/31/12, debating if I want to pay to keep the fict. name for maybe future business, but with all the rules & regulations, fees etc, probably not. Hard to give up a 33 years in business, when all it took was the past 4 years to kill it. Was money making thru G H W Bush, B Clinton, G W Bush, not now, on one is buying. This admin. has been a real job killer in more ways than