blaki02 Wrote:
Dec 13, 2012 1:47 PM
This is really a hoot! Obamacare passed by Dems only - and now they're the ones saying Postpone or Repeal. If someone had actually read the damn thing before it was signed, they might have gotten a clue what would be detrimental to a lot of people and businesses (medical field). But no. As the Wicked Witch of San Francisco stated: You have to vote for it to be able to read it. You can bet your bottom dollar that every one of these 18 Dems who are asking for postponement or repeal, have some Medical company on their butts. And since there seems to be new rules daily about Obamacare - I would imagine that there be tons more "taxes" and "fees" coming just around the corner. REPEAL THE WHOLE THING. It's worthless and costly.