wiseone Wrote:
Dec 13, 2012 9:57 AM
I've had all I can stand about the 'coming Fiscal Cliff'. There is no hard line that we can't cross, whether you call it a Fiscal Cliff, a line in the sand, or whatever. The fact is that we went over what Obama is calling the "Fiscal Cliff" when he got his Stimulus. And that was passed with only one Republican voting for it; the traitor Arlen Specter who went to DC for something like 40 years and never accomplished anything before helping Obama further wreck the economy. The Democrats pushed the economy in the ditch with CRA, Clinton, Reno, Frank, Dodd, Fannie-Freddie, et al. Then they spent four years looting the money they borrowed from China. Now they want to get the GOP to sign on to their ridiculous LIE that tax cuts did the damage.