Dorris Wrote:
Dec 13, 2012 9:47 AM
Truly, I am like so many AMERICANS are fed up with all the BS, you know enough to know Obama is NOT LEGAL to even run for PRESIDENT OF AMERICA and you just keep talking about things that should be done and IGNORING all the facts that would send him to PRISON FOR TREASON. THIS IS NOT A game to be playing.YOU will also be put up for treason .You can't blame Ignorance for this.Your forcing a REVOLUTION to happen.And you will not be PROTECTED from something you could have prevented. Let them ket it go over the cliff andf this WHOLE REGIME I*NCLUDING 70% of the SENATE and 40% of CONGRESS fall with it. DON'T FORGET SOROS ,AXELROD ETC,ETC.FALL BABY FALL.