Jeffrey286 Wrote:
Dec 13, 2012 1:11 AM
The Country is suffering with a spending problem, you're absolutely correct. But President Obama is suffering with a TAX problem. He wants to tax the rich. He wants everyone to pay their fair share. Dr. Hanson's point, I think, was that maybe we should make sure EVERYONE is paying their fair share. If $10 million dollars is enough, according to Obama, then why can't Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp, both of whom have way more than $10 million dollars, take a serious pay cut? If they take a pay cut, they don't need to spend as much to make movies, therefore we, the 99% as the left has labeled us, shouldn't have to continue to pay $10 for a movie ticket, or $60 for a concert ticket to see Mick Jagger, who also has made way more than $10 million.