Iwillnotcomply2 Wrote:
Dec 12, 2012 5:05 PM
For all the idiot libtards, that voted to keep all of your free phones, and handouts, I hope you are happy. Do you not realize, what you have unleashed in our country? We have a crazy, mental, out of control dictator, who could care less about our country, or what happens to the people in it, including you stupid ovomit supporters. This union thing is just a tip of the iceburg, and a barbie doll birthday party, compared to what is going to come. And the first ones to cry, will be the lazy, give me more bunch, who wanted this lying, no good, racist, muslim in office. I for one, am soooo glad, I was able to get the guns and the ammo I wanted. It won't be long now, before you will see one of these lunatics, outside your house.