Roy323 Wrote:
Dec 12, 2012 4:41 PM
Prior to my long Military Career I worked a couple years (1952/53) as a member of IBEW. As far as I was concerned it, the union, was useless. Nobody mistreated me or anybody else and expect for sorta "babysitting" a couple drunks and more than few of "sick" women I never gave much thought to the MERITS. Now AFTER MY retirement (1978) I worked for a Federal Labor Union (I'm not at liberty to discuss much about this for Legal reasons) but they (the unnamed Union) were TOTALLY USELESS! The Chief Steward and MOST of his cronies worked (voluntarily) every weekend, doing less than nothing, and primarily protected the "druggies" and malingerers (sp) who were numerous. We had more than enough EPA/Misc Fed Regs protecting EVERYTHING.